Improve the use of the ADV

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Training kit improve the use of SAP SD

Good knowledge of SD

Duration: 3 days

Public: future SAP users, members of the team project, SAP consultants.

Contents of the kit of training improve the use of SAP SD

1 traceability of prices in SD
•Tariff at a time
•Autre price at another time
Price •historique

V/LD - List of conditions

GU_Listes conditions

Gu_creation of lists of conditions

Gu_execution of a list of conditions

GU_SAP R3_Exécution a list of conditions

GU_How to create a Price Report in 15 minutes

•Trace the alteration in the prices

Modification for conditions records GU_SAP_Documents

Modification for conditions records GU_Documents

Customer 2-sheet with several paying customers
Client •euroblock and different payers
•External control for a client with multiple payers

GU_SAP ECC6_Données from sheets (2)

Gu_donnees from sheets

The partners database GU_Structure

Gu_roles partner

Gu_sap_roles partner

3. combination of commands in a single invoice
•Statistics of base article delivery
•Statistics of customer base
•Statistics of base rate
•External control client 1
•External control client 2
Client •facture via invoice schedule

GU_Facturation bundle

GU_SAP R3_Facturation bundle

GU_205_ERP606_BPD_FR_Gestion of sales orders with consolidated billing

205_ERP606_Process_Overview_FR_Gestion of sales orders with consolidated billing

4 - Invoices without regrouping
•External control client 1
•External control client 2
Client •factures via invoice schedule

5 the receiver in a sales order entry
•Partenaire receiver in sheet client
•Enter the client in command receiver

6 - Charge a few posts a sales order
•External control with several positions
•Invoicing of one post
Document •flows and synthesis of statutes

7-sheet client undefined at the company level
•Euroblock client and organizational levels
•External possible client control with a customer card without the company level?

8-control client
•Create sales order without the existence of the card client
•Creating customer card when creating a sales order

9 sampling of goods
•External client control
Outbound •livraison

Gu_creation outbound deliveries

Gu_sap_creation outbound deliveries 1

•Prelevement and release of goods
Client •facture
•Flows of document and summary of the articles

10-flow control returns
•Selectable control back
Incoming •livraison
•Has (credit note)
•Room accounting
Unbalanced •post
•Flows of documents

11-Reporting client
•List of sales orders
•Setting in the form of a list of sales orders
•Remote client by period
•Information client
•List of rates
•Consolidated of client business
•Balance client